How does LinkedIn collect consent for promotional messages?

  • When members join LinkedIn, they expressly agree to our terms, which include agreeing to receiving promotional and other messages from us and our partners. Section 2.3 of our Privacy Policy informs LinkedIn members that they may receive messages “about how to use the Services, network updates, reminders, job suggestions and promotional messages from us and our partners.” In addition, following the member’s initial consent to receive promotional messages (provided at the time of account creation), LinkedIn again confirms that the member consents to LinkedIn sending promotional messages to him/her. Specifically, the message we send to verify the member’s email address asks them again to confirm their consent to receive promotional and other messages.


  • Member controls which messages they receive by adjusting their communication preferences on the Privacy Settings page or using the unsubscribe options in the footer of messages as applicable (e.g., Sales Navigator InMails). These settings allow a user to control which emails, InMails, and other communications the member receives from us and our partners, including the ability to opt-out of marketing communications.


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