Track record

CrossKnowledge (September 2017 – …)

My CK journey continues but this time as “Learning Technology Advisor” and “Data Protection Officer“. As an ‘Advisor’ I’m supporting our global sales team when it comes to technology and data privacy/security. Being the DPO not only for CrossKnowledge but also for Wiley Talent Solutions brings this role to another level.


CrossKnowledge (September 2014 – September 2017)

Joined CrossKnowledge on September 1st, 2014 as an integration manager for Continental Europe. The first 6 months I got familiar with CKLS (CrossKnowledge Learning Suite) and started working on the implementation and configuration of CKLS at existing and new customers. Existing customers like Proximus, BNPParibas-Fortis, Swiss-Life, Rabobank and the new customers Wavin, Zurich Insurance,  World Food Program, E.ON, Uniper, Qiagen and others.

On the integration side it’s all about connecting CKLS to the other systems. SSO with the authentication service, data exchange between CKLS and 3th party systems for Talent and Performance management. Deep integrations with SuccessFactors, Moodle and other LMS’s.


The International Academy of Osteopathy (April 2013 – August 2014)

The IAO only campus is based on Moodle. It was my task to optimize and integrate the catalogue and the learning plans. We also integrated some of the IAO business processes into the eCampus. More in particular the integration with or back-office and invoicing software.

Besides that I also started to work on their communication channels. Today they use most of the popular social media channels to communicate with their students and students to be.


Vision, now part of Deloitte (May 2012 – April 2013)

As a project manger I guided customers like the European Patent Office, AXA, Esko, IAO, Dieteren, VDAB and others in the roll-out of  Moodle, Totara, Ilias and other learning tools.

I also took the task of coaching and supporting the development team in their further growth and personal development. 


Xylos (April 2010 – April 2012)

We joined Xylos to introduce e-Learning to it’s customers. Xylos has a wide range of expertise regarding classroom training and it was our goal to combine classroom training and e-learning. 

Xylos was also SharePoint minded and together with the Kallidus LMS we had everything in place to provide the perfect learning environment to our customers. We deployed the SharePoint Learning Kit at Evonik, Bausch & Lomb and the Kallidus LMS at the Flemish Community and l’Oreal.


U&I Learning (April 1999 – March 2010)

This is the time we where convinced that we needed to build our own learning tools. We developed an LMS called “Learning Service” and a knowledge management system called “Learning Square”.  Customers at that time were VDAB, Siemens, BIAC, Dexia, VoV, DHL, The Flemish Community and others.

Later on we became an Outstart partner and deployed the Outstart Evolution LMS at Vopak, UWV,  Katoennatie and others.

During my last 2 years at U&I Learning I was also involved in the ROLE project. A European project founded under the umbrella of the 7 Framework program.


Elsevier training (October 1996 – April 1999) 

It all began at Elsevier training where I took my first steps into “Technology Enhanced Learning”.  Most of the time I worked on what we called “The Learning Web”.  A custom build learning environment (the term LMS was not common those day’s) where people could learn.


What happen before October 1999?

Before I started my L&D journey I managed several jobs in the non L&D world. As I was already interested in technology/computers it was Patrick Belpaire who introduced me to the world of online learning and learning tout-court. Shortly after I stared to work closely with Patrick and until today I still. do.