Privacy (non-legal) & EdTech enthousiast managing Privacy in the field of Corporate Training & Learning Analytics
[ Certified DPO | OneTrust Fellow ]

Danny De Witte


Privacy Technology

Privacy tools can offer enhanced security, automation, scalability, and compliance features that can help organizations manage their privacy risks more effectively. Providing a more robust and efficient way of managing privacy within an organization.

Data flows

Documenting data flows and implementing proper controls can help organizations to enhance their privacy practices, better protect personal data, and build trust with employees, customers and stakeholders.

Privacy Assessments

Conducting DPIAs and TIAs can help organizations to identify and mitigate privacy risks, demonstrate compliance with applicable regulations and build trust with customers and stakeholders.

As organisations increasingly rely on technology to train their employees, privacy and data protection have become critical concerns. As a privacy professional and certified DPO working in the field of HR and L&D I assist organisations on the development, implementation and roll-out of privacy-friendly learning applications and data analytics solutions.

Taking a pragmatic approach by finding the right balance between leveraging technology to enhance training programs, protecting employees' personal information and ensuring that all relevant privacy regulations are met.


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