About me

Although people would say that things have changed or are changing radically I still see the same needs or challenges as back in the nineties. Organizations need to become more productive and efficient and tried to do that by providing training- and knowledge sharing platforms. Today we still see the same things happening; it’s just that now we call them LEP, LRS, ESN etc

Is L&D aware that it’s not just about technology? Technology serves the purpose; it’s not the goal. It’s not because you launch a LXP, LRS, ESN or any other ‘disruptive tool’ that you will succeed. There is more to it then that.

My role and commitment as a “Learning Technology Advisor” is to find the right technology to enable and support the challenges organizations are facing today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Where does “Data Privacy/Protection” fits in? Big Data and AI is entering the world of L&D, so what about our privacy? How far can organizations go when collecting and using our data? Will this have an impact on our lives? It definitely will and we better be prepared.

*It was in the late nineties that Patrick Belpaire and later on Jef Staes introduced me in to the world of Learning and Development.  Today I’m still as enthusiastic and passionate about Technology and Learning as back then. As I sometimes dare to say “I’m a techie with a unhealthy interest in Learning & Development”.