My goal was to setup something, with limited costs, that woud allow me to:

  • uplift my xAPI expertise
  • make a point when talking about learning analytics
  • work with different learning systems
  • integrate with the tools I’m already using
  • create my personal “e-portfolio” of all my learning
  • experience the “Learning in the flow of Work” concept

Today I’m able to track almost all of my learning activities in the LRS, wether it’s directly from the LMS or via the xAPI bookmarklet, all data is sent to and collected in the LRS. The LRS expects xAPI statements and as no 3rd party provider allows be to configure my LRS I’m using the xAPI bookmarklet to track my views/completions in the LRS. Moodle, TalentLMS and the SCORMCloud provide xAPI support so I’m using them to collect my test data.  The data feeds coming from SharePoint and OneDrive are under investigation. The purpose would be to track views of files, video’s and other material that sits in SharePoint or on OneDrive in the LRS.

Which bring me seamlessly to the ‘Learning in the flow of Work’ concept. Although my sandbox is current limited to MSTeams and Moodle I’m able to access my Moodle courses via MSTeams. I now can create Teams sites (CoP’s) that contain related courses available in the LMS, documents that resides in SharePoint or OneDrive etc. And yes, creating virtual Teams events from within the LMS is also part of the game. I could also integrate a chatbot in Teams that would help me finding the right training material base on the Team site I’m visiting, my preferences given in the LMS or the conversation I’m having with the bot. But that’s for another time.

The building blocks:

My Sandbox LES

*Although I’m familiar with API’s, web hooks, PHP, data analytics etc. I need to point out that I’m not a software developer no’r am I a data scientist. So everything I’m doing and using must be (more or less) out-of-the-box,  easy to configure, easy to use, simple to understand, secure and respecting my privacy.